Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome in the New Year

It is hard to belive another year has gone by let alone another decade. As this new year begins many of us have followed with tradition and established New Year's Resolutions. Once again I have done this for myself. I have many on my list and I have decided to share them here.

1) Lose 100 lbs. I will do this by eating better, getting exercise, and attending Weight Watcher meetings.

2) Be more diligent about using Social Media including my blog, twitter, Facebook, etc...

3) Update my website with products at least once a week.

4) Clean and organize both my home and work offices and address all paperwork within the next 90 days (there is a lot of piles).

5) Read more books. At least 1 book a month. These books can be business related or just for simple enjoyment.

6) Spend more time with my family. Plan at least 1 activity a month to spend time with my family doing something other than eating out.

These are my goals that I plan on focusing on this year. I am making a big poster with these items listed so I can put it up in my office for a daily reminder of what I want to accomplish. I will do follow up posts to let you know my progress.

What are some of your goals for 2010?

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