Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soap Donations for Haiti

Soap is in great need. As I am a soaper, this cause is close to my heart. I will be collecting donations of hot process, cold process, melt-and-pour, handmilled, half used bars of soap as well as shampoo (opened or unopened) at my store or you can send donations direct to:

Clean the World
8026 Sunport Dr. #306
Orlando FL 32809

All items are rebatched and sterilized before they process and send out. Without hand washing, the broken sewers, plumbing, and toilets in Haiti will lead to diarrhea-related bacterial infections, which sadly effect children the most and lead to 5 million deaths annually. You can help!

Donations accepted Monday 10 -5, and Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 PM