Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Moving Story

This story was shared with me yesterday and I was very moved by hearing it so I wanted to share it with you here.

Jenny's Necklace

Jenny was a bright-eyed, pretty five-year-old girl.

One day when she and her mother were checking out at the grocery store, Jenny saw a plastic pearl necklace priced at $2.50.

How she wanted that necklace, and when she asked her mother if she would buy it for her, her mother said, "Well, it is a pretty necklace, but it costs an awful lot of money. I'll tell you what. I'll buy you the necklace, and when we get home we can make up a list of chores that you can do to pay for the necklace. And don't forget that for your birthday Grandma just might give you a whole dollar bill, too. "Okay?"

Jenny agreed, and her mother bought the pearl necklace for her.

Jenny worked on her chores very hard every day, and sure enough, her grandma gave her a brand new dollar bill for her birthday.

Soon Jenny had paid off the pearls.

How Jenny loved those pearls. She wore them everywhere-to kindergarten, bed and when she went out with her mother to run errands.

The only time she didn't wear them was in the shower. Her mother had told her that they would turn her neck green!

Now Jenny had a very loving daddy. When Jenny went to bed, he would get up from his favorite chair every night and read Jenny her favorite story. One night when he finished the story, he said, "Jenny, do you love me?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, you know I love you," the little girl said.

"Well, then, give me your pearls."

"Oh! Daddy, not my pearls!" Jenny said. "But you can have Rosie, my favorite doll. Remember her? You gave her to me last year for my birthday. And you can have her tea party outfit, too. Okay?"

"Oh no, darling, that's okay." Her father brushed her cheek with a kiss. "Goodnight, little one."

A week later, her father once again asked Jenny after her story, "Do you love me?"

"Oh yes, Daddy, you know I love you."

"Well, then, give me your pearls."

"Oh, Daddy, not my pearls! But you can have Ribbons, my toy horse. Do you remember her? She's my favorite. Her hair is so soft, and you can play with it and braid it and everything. You can have Ribbons if you want her, Daddy," the little girl said to her father.

"No, that's okay," her father said and brushed her cheek again with a kiss. "God bless you, little one. Sweet dreams."

Several days later, when Jenny's father came in to read her a story, Jenny was sitting on her bed and her lip was trembling. "Here, Daddy," she said, and held out her hand. She opened it and her beloved pearl necklace was inside. She let it slip into her father's hand.

With one hand her father held the plastic pearls and with the other he pulled out of his pocket a blue velvet box.

Inside of the box were real, genuine, beautiful pearls. He had had them all along. He was waiting for Jenny to give up the cheap stuff so he could give her the real thing.

What are you holding on to, the "fake or the real pearls"?

Makes you think doesn't it????

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The wine theme continues with Wine-A-Rita. Make a margarita type beverage with your favorite wines for a delightful new beverage.

We will be sampling these during our girl's night on March 23, 2010. These will be a fabulous addition to those spring and summer parties. I am looking forward to trying to CosmoRita and the Peach Bellini the most.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Facebook Friday Giveaway Winner

This week we were giving away one of our new iphone skins. We have 13 designs available to choose from.

The winner of this weeks giveaway of the iphone skin of there choice is...........

Elisabeth 'Sach' Spivey
Elisabeth 'Sach' Spivey
Oh I love these! My Iphone needs one! My favorite app is Gowalla!
Wed at 5:19pm

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Congratulations Elisabeth. Contact me and let me know your selection and I will get it sent off to you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Attempt at a 4 Part Swirl

Today I attempted my first 4 Color Swirl in a batch of Cold Process Soap. I was inspired to attempt this feat by a post on my favorite blog by the Soap Queen herself here. I thought her batch was just amazing and I have done 2 color swirls but never 4 and thought I would jump in and give it a try.

I can definitely say it was a bit of a challenge.

Definitely requires more planning and organization than I had today.

Definitely, no answering of the phones in the middle of trying to do this either.

My colors came out vibrant but I am hoping it is not too much color. My swirls aren't as clean as I would have liked but I must say not to bad for the first try. I am trying my best not to peak at the batch as I have put it to bed. I can't wait till I can get it out of the mold and see what the final results will be. I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wine Anyone???

A new wine theme seems to be developing in the store. We have a variety of shirts like the one pictured below with fun sayings like: You Had Me at Merlot, Sip Happens, Group Therapy and more.

And of course, hats to match the shirts.

Even something for baby....."I'll try a glass of the house white"

And the newest addition......Woozies.

Woozie is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch! It is fun, functional and comes in wonderful Woozie colors! Woozie is stretchable, washable, foldable and reusable.

Had a little too much fun or a little too much wine and ended up with a spill on your shirt? Clean it up with vinegar. Spots caused by wine can be removed from 100 percent cotton, cotton polyester and permanent press fabrics if done so within 24 hours. To do it, sponge white distilled vinegar directly onto the stain and rub away the spots. Then clean according to the directions on the manufacturer's care tag.