Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wine Anyone???

A new wine theme seems to be developing in the store. We have a variety of shirts like the one pictured below with fun sayings like: You Had Me at Merlot, Sip Happens, Group Therapy and more.

And of course, hats to match the shirts.

Even something for baby....."I'll try a glass of the house white"

And the newest addition......Woozies.

Woozie is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch! It is fun, functional and comes in wonderful Woozie colors! Woozie is stretchable, washable, foldable and reusable.

Had a little too much fun or a little too much wine and ended up with a spill on your shirt? Clean it up with vinegar. Spots caused by wine can be removed from 100 percent cotton, cotton polyester and permanent press fabrics if done so within 24 hours. To do it, sponge white distilled vinegar directly onto the stain and rub away the spots. Then clean according to the directions on the manufacturer's care tag.

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Anne-Marie said...

Those shirts are super fun. I love the sayings. =)