Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Attempt at a 4 Part Swirl

Today I attempted my first 4 Color Swirl in a batch of Cold Process Soap. I was inspired to attempt this feat by a post on my favorite blog by the Soap Queen herself here. I thought her batch was just amazing and I have done 2 color swirls but never 4 and thought I would jump in and give it a try.

I can definitely say it was a bit of a challenge.

Definitely requires more planning and organization than I had today.

Definitely, no answering of the phones in the middle of trying to do this either.

My colors came out vibrant but I am hoping it is not too much color. My swirls aren't as clean as I would have liked but I must say not to bad for the first try. I am trying my best not to peak at the batch as I have put it to bed. I can't wait till I can get it out of the mold and see what the final results will be. I will keep you posted.