Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezing Rain, Sleet, Snow & More

I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for almost 3 years now. One thing I can say about Oklahoma is that we experience all types of weather and the weather can change dramatically in short periods of time. I have experienced a day where we were in the 70's mid-day and by early evening we dropped to the 20's.

Yesterday, we were going through various forms of precipitation. We has rain, freezing rain, sleet, and now we are progressing to snow.

Fortunately, the ice storm part was not as bad for us in Tulsa as was predicted. Other areas like Oklahoma City were hit much worse.

I still came in to the store today as there is always so much work to do. The roads were surprisingly really good this morning. I had to take pictures as this is my first experience with the ice from freezing rain.

My dogs were not too happy about it this morning. The grass was covered in a glaze of ice and with every step they took they sunk into the grass and seemed disoriented by it all.

In 2007 this area was hit really hard but I was off vacationing in Hawaii and missed the whole event.

Seeing the ice form the way it does is just fascinating to me. Mother Nature can do so many things. I just wanted to share a few pictures of what things are looking at here today.

We are supposed to get about 3" - 6" of snow today. It is always so pretty as the snow falls.

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Anne-Marie said...

We get some crazy weather here too (in Washington)...but not like that! I love the picture with all of the icicles! It looks like art!