Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goals and a Reality Check

In the beginning of the year I set many professional and personal goals. I was inspired by the start of a new year and the great 8 part series done by Anne-Marie at the Soap-Queen Blog. The other day she posted a check up to see how we were doing on our goals. What a reality check. I thought I was doing ok but after looking back at my list, I am not doing very well at all. Here are the list of goals I posted (I have more but these are the ones I posted):

1) Go back to weight watchers and attend meeting each week and resume work on my weight loss goals.

2) Get excercise back in my life starting with 3 times a week and increase to 5 times a week

3) Clean and organize my work room and office (I loose so much time looking for things)

4) Continue to work to pay down debt. Specifically to reduce credit card debt by 50% in 2009

5) Actively market my business. Contact at least 10 prospects each month for wholesale business.

6) Post to my blog at least 3 times a week

7) Bring my website up-to-date and maintain

8) Get my Etsy shop going.

Having this brought to my attention will hopefully help me get back on track. Yikes.....I am so off base. Well posting it here will also help with accountability. Ironically, this weekend, I picked up a book called Dream It. List It. Do It. The book shows us how to make dreams come true through the use of a life list. There website is 43Things. com where we can list goals, share our progress, and cheer others on. So now I have again listed my goals, shared my progress or lack thereof, so now it is on to cheer. Sometimes we have to be cheerleaders for ourselves too.

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