Friday, February 4, 2011

Tulsa Blizzard 2011

I don't write on my blog nearly as often as I should however I am getting extra time to do some of these "extra" activities due to the Tulsa Blizzard.  This is my 3rd winter in Tulsa and by far the most extreme I have experienced.  Tulsa had a massive ice storm in 2007 but I was vacationing in Hawaii and missed the whole thing :-).  Well, I am here to experience this in all its glory.

On Tuesday, we recevied 14 inches of snow which essentially caused the city and state to shut down for 2 days.  Banks, UPS, Fedex, airports, businesses, highways and roads were closed.  Schools have yet to reopen.  We were just starting to dig out and work towards getting back to normalcy and today we are getting another 3 -5 inches with more snow due next week.

This is what my home looked like this morning before todays round of snow.  The sea of white is pretty but I am sure looking forward to all of it melting and getting into spring!  Dreaming of sunshine and warmth!

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