Friday, August 29, 2008

Scam going around targeting soapers

On Wednesday I received an email from a Reverend Fred Williams wanting to place an order fro 180 soaps. Through continued email communication he increased the order to 540 soaps and he wanted the pricing excluding shipping. He claimed that they were to be sent to his late Uncle's orphanage in Ghana. He claimed that he had his own shipping company and for me to provide them the shipping details so they could give a quote on the shipping cost. He then wanted to pay me for the order and the shipping costs and for me to pay the shipping company. Of course, the only method of payment the shipping company took was Western Union. I thought something was just not right. He emailed me 2 credit cards for payment. I did not process them and called my processing company. They connected me with the security division and I explained what had happened and they confirmed that this is a common scam.

Today when I was on one of the soap groups I belong to, several other people had posted about this and had received the same email or communication just with a different Reverend's name. So I am posting this here to caution other soapers. They did not get anything from me and I don't want them to get anything from anybody else either.

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